About me

I'm Nick Murdoch, and I'm definitely not standing behind you RIGHT NOW.

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Me again

I'm nominally a Python programmer (that is, I program pythons), but these days I'm mixing that fairly evenly with C or one of its derivatives (Woo iOS dev woo). Cython is also my friend. I get grumpy when libraries aren't documented. I'm a fan of open source software, and have made (small) contributions to projects like Bitlbee and TurboGears. Check out my CV.

In my personal life, I enjoy gardening, cooking, reading, and country walking; particuarly the latter when it involves Geocaching. Apparently I also like writing About Me pages on my website.

Other miscellaneous facts about me include that: I live in Dartford (UK); I read the Guardian and you can infer a fair amount from that; I run Notion on Debian Linux; my favourite author is Douglas Adams, but I prefer his Dirk Gently books to H2G2; and I'm a retired Star Wars and Futurama nerd.


This site was written in Python using the Turbogears 1 web framework. These days if I were starting from scratch I'd probably use a homebrew CherryPy/Genshi rig, or try out Django since it's apparently the hottest thing since my oven caught fire.

Here's how to contact me.