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Date display for Irssi

Irssi shows the time just fine, but it lacks the date. For users like myself who use a cut-down window manager, this information isn't available anywhere else, either.


I always have irssi running in a visible window, but I run ion3 with the status bar turned off which leaves me without anywhere freely displaying the date. I could use cal or date to find it out, but I prefer to just be able to glance at the screen without launching a new terminal window. This solution has no bells and whistles. It checks for a new date every 5 seconds, and display the date in UK dd/mm/yy format. Changing this should be trivial if you need to.


Move the script to your irssi's script directory (usually ~/.irssi/scripts/ or .irssi/scripts/autorun if you want the script to run at irssi startup). In irssi, type /script load date.pl (or autorun/date.pl), then /statusbar topic add date to (for example) add the date display to the topic bar. Replace 'topic' with 'window' for the main irssi status bar, and see /help statusbar for information on fine-tuning the location.